My name is Julia Wheeler. I live in San Diego and I'm a marketing strategist, stylist and content creator.


Social Media. Blogging. Styling. It's all content.


For over ten years, I have helped brands understand an audience and then create compelling marketing campaigns to reach that market.  

It all boils down to content.

  • I can create blog posts that will positively impact SEO and extend your reach 
  • I know how social media can create meaningful conversations and ultimately drive sales 
  • I can help you tell a story through creative direction, styling and photography

Whether you're a small brand with a small budget or a big brand with a big budget, I can get creative at any level. 

I've worked with major corporations like Nike, adidas & Red Bull as well as many large surf brands, including brands like Nixon and Brixton.

Julia is not only digitally savvy, she also comes with an inherent sense of what’s cool. This trend-spotting ability married with her experience in social and digital makes her an extremely valuable asset for any project. She can not only ideate around content but also identify touch points that will reach the right people and ultimately get the right results. She’s truly the full package, whose output is comparable to what typically comes from a combination of media, creative and strategy minds
— Leslie Evans, Account Director, Victors & Spoils
Julia is a triple threat in the marketing world. She thinks strategically, executes diligently, and somehow manages to stay in front of the ever-changing social & digital world in terms of trends, tools, and effective campaigns
— Erin Hall, Director of Marketing & Communications,